Its Been a Long Time!!

Its Been a Long Time!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hey....its been a long time!!!

From SNOW to SUNSHINE!!! We had a crazy snowstorm at home and actually had a snow day (NO SCHOOL!) two days before spring break! we are comfortably relaxing poolside in Palm Springs for the spring break vacation.

Jack is 3 1/2 now....he will turn four this summer! What a crazy adventure it has been raising this bundle of joy!! We have stopped physical therapy....his feet look fantastic and he can "fix" them on his own when you just remind him to "point his toes". We're in the midst of speech therapy. He is doing great and he loves his will be nice to have him a bit easier to understand. We can decode most of what he's saying but it will be helpful for others to not have to ask him to repeat himself over and over!!

He is a swimming freak!! He doesn't have any fear of the water (which is not a great thing) as he would swim out to the middle of the pool before he realizes he can't touch the bottom. We're forced to watch really closely (and stay within arms reach) as he just dives underwater and goes, goes, goes!!!

We've been having some amazing conversations recently. Last night Jack explained the basic salvation message as we were reading his little bible. He saw a picture of Jesus on the cross and he told me that Jesus loves everyone and died on the cross to take away our sin. Then he continued to list everyone...mommy's sin, daddy's sin, cole's sin, emerson's sin, elise's sin and Jack's sin. Then we can go to heaven! Pretty good, eh?

I will try and be more diligent about posting more frequently...its been over a year since I've been on here (yes, life is busy) but we appreciate those of you who comment that you enjoy watching Jack grow up.....thanks for your prayers.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Elyssa's Visit!!

We were SO excited to hear that our friends we met in China would be travelling through Oregon this weekend. They stopped and visited for just a few hours Saturday night. They adopted little Elyssa the exact same day we got Jack. We were actually together when we were both handed our children for the very first time. There are few emotional moments in life that can bond strangers so quickly!! We will forever have a special place in our heart for Elyssa!! Now home almost a year, she is a bundle of energy with an incredible vocabulary!! She knows all her colors, the letters in her name, her numbers and shapes! ....and she's not even 3 yet!! (Having a preschool teacher for a mom does have its advantages, huh?) Dad is in the military so they are relocating to Texas in January. Keeping in touch with them to continue to watch Elyssa grow might just be enough motivation for us to schedule a vacation in San Antonio next year!!

Though neither Jack nor Elyssa seemed to recognize or remember one another, they bonded instantly and all five of the kids in our house were rolling around, wrestling and rough-housing like they'd been together their whole lives!!

I love this picture of Elyssa with our two girls. During their visit, she told her dad that she wants a sister!! (We would love to see them go back to China for another girl!!) Elyssa is making incredible progress after surgery to repair a cleft lip and palate. Her speech is amazingly understandable and her smile lights up a room.

It continues to bless us to watch the Lord's plans unfold for these small ones who were born across the planet and saved for our hearts!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween!

This was Jack's introduction to our crazy American tradition....trick or treating. I thought maybe we should give him a "trial run" before actually going out in the neighborhood, so on Saturday I gave Paul a piece of candy and then dressed Jack in his costume. I showed Jack how to tell Daddy, "Trick or Treat" and then Paul gave him the candy. Ummm, yeah, well, duh....the kid isn't stupid. We spent the next eight hours bouncing back and forth between pure glee and temper tantrums on the floor as he refused to get out of the costume and was following every one around the house begging "Trick or Treat"...."Trick or Treat". The problem was...if he begged long enough, someone would give him a treat (just to shut him up!!) :)

We dressed the whole crew up Sunday afternoon and went out trick or treating in the neighborhood. Fun day for all....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Football Season is Here!!

Cole is playing Pop Warner football here in Silverton and since his team colors are orange and black...Jack shows his team spirit by wearing his OSU Beavers jersey to Cole's games.

Jack is learning more and more words. Paul was picking Jack up from my mom's (she babysits him during the day) and after saying "bye bye" to grandma....Jack spontaneously added "See you tomorrow". Both Paul and my mom said it was clear as a bell!

Jack is growing well and I think he's getting heavier (or I'm getting weaker). I haven't put him on a scale recently, but maybe we're finally making progress in the weight-gain department. His gasto-intestinal system seems to be regulating itself a bit better. We're still really watching the fruit intake.

School has started for the oldest two and Emerson is now doing preschool four days a week. Jack is loving his alone time with Grandma (and frankly, I think she is loving it too!!) We are thankful every day for Grandma....we couldn't do this without her!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can he REALLY be 2....already??

December 6, 2009.....exactly eight months ago he was placed in my arms...and our lives changed forever.

August 6, 2010....we celebrate his second birthday. How can my baby be two already?? His favorite words? "Mama" "Daddy" "Cole" "Lise" "Emmy" "Jack-Jack" "Spongebob" (sorry...this one happened all on its own...and there's nothing we can do to un-do it!!) "night-night" "binky" "all done" and of course..."NO".

Jack continues to grow rapidly. His language is exploding and we continue to be amazed by everything he understands in English. My brother and his family were visiting us from China this summer and when my brother asked Jack to do something in Mandarin, Jack obeyed everytime. So, he hasn't lost his mother language yet....but I know that time will come.

He plays everything the big kids play....desperate to keep up. Emerson and Jack continue to be "oil and water" as he typically wants to be exactly where she is and she wants him to be exactly somewhere else!! Ah....sibling rivalry.

We had a big family celebration for Jack's birthday (and our other two kids who have July birthdays too). We moved him from his crib to his big boy bed and that went amazingly well. The first night was a bit rocky but after that he's been completely content in the bed. PTL! He still wears the brace at night on his feet. We see continued progress and the experts are pleased as well. Physical therapy only somewhat sporadic now as we learn new exercises to continue to train his muscles to hold those feet correctly.

Thanks to all who continue to read this blog....and continue to prod us to keep posting. (Thanks Michele!) It seems like all of you would be tired of reading about our boring life...but we continue to covet your prayers for continued health and adjustment for Jack-Jack. The Lord has blessed us richly and we are so grateful.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Welcome to May!!

The picture above is from one of our last Awana nights. We had a theme / dress-up Circus Night and Cole came as the sword swallower and Jack was the world's smallest China-man. :)

I've had friends tell me lately that I haven't blogged in a let's see if we can catch you up on the latest. Jack is talking all the time. He is Mr. careful what you say around him...because he WILL repeat it!!! He also is becoming more and more adept at answering questions (not always with the correct answer, mind you)'s my personal favorite!! So, I ask him, "Jack-Jack, are you Chinese?" and he shakes his head vehemently and says, "NO!" Its hilarious.....seriously...if I could upload video onto a blog (which I am sure you can....I just don't know how) you would LOVE it!!!!

We got results back from the gastro-enterologist last week. Jack's poop came up with abnormal results in two areas.....fat absorption and carbohydrate absorption. Meaning basically that his body is not taking all the fat & carbs out of his food and therefore these elements are passing directly through his system. Doc said nothing to worry about.....he'll likely grow out of I guess the soupy poopy continues.

Jack is doing super-fabulous in physical therapy. So much so that they've decreased our sessions to every three to six weeks. We basically just go in for check-ups. Jennifer (therapist) says Jack just needs to get bigger and stronger. He is walking all over the place and sometimes his feet will be perfectly straight....sometimes you get one straight foot, sometimes the other straight foot...and sometimes no straight feet. Just depends. Jennifer says his balance is outstanding and he's very flexible (both big plusses). As his bones lengthen as he grows, the tibial torsion (twisting of the shin bone) should correct itself. Braces on at night while he sleeps. Regular shoes during the day.

We're approaching our 14th wedding anniversary later this month....can't believe that. Can't remember the days before kids (hence the reason we will go away WITHOUT children to celebrate!!) Can't believe I get to spend every day with my very best friend...Paul is the best!!

Looking forward to the end of the school year (6 weeks to go!). Steve & Marlene and kids will be home from China and here with us the first half of July.....talking about a Disney vacation for our clan of 6 the end of free airline miles after flying to the OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD to pick up this baby boy!!!

Take care all....we love you so very much and appreciate your continued support & prayers.
To God Be the Glory!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mister mischief maker

For those of you who have loved us a long may recall Elise's episodes at about age 2 that included attempting to drink "Shout" stain remover....and drawing on her face with white-out....and coloring in every orafice of her body with blue Sharpie???? Remember those???

Yes, well here is Jack's contribution to the Myers stupid family trick album...

This isn't whipped cream....its Desitin.

Spring Break 2010

Whew!! We made it home after spending spring break in Palm Springs with all the kids. What a fun, fun time!! Jack absolutely LOVED the swimming pool.....I'll see if I can get the pictures uploaded. We had a super suite so everyone had a place to sleep (Jack was in the pack-n-play in the closet). We ate most all our meals in the room to try and save our pennies.

Our kids are so funny....Cole and Elise are deeply bronzed and tan....Emerson is still white as a is that genetically possible? They all came from the same place!! We were curious to see what Asian skin does in the sun...guess what? It just gets darker. Jack doesn't "look" tan if you're just looking at him....but he has a perfect tan line from his swim diaper. Its pretty funny.

The older two swam and swam and swam and swam and swam and swam and swam.....Emerson spent all five days in the 1.5 foot kiddie pool (she is not exactly our adventurous one)....but Jack would walk right off the side of the pool into water five feet deep if you'd let him. He was putting his face in the water and dunking his head underwater...he'd come up laughing. Cole took him down the kiddie water slide probably 100 times....he absolutely loved it.

Jack got a good nap each afternoon and Paul and I traded turns watching him in the room while the others stayed at the pool swimming. His little feet are looking a bit better every day. Physical therapy exercises are helping (but I have tremendous guilt that I'm not doing the exercises as faithfully with him as I should be). We are specifically working on the knees and hips now as Jack has tibial torsion (the bones are curved) and need to straighten themselves. no casting for this repair....just lots of rubbing, stretching, manipulating, exercising. Oh goody. Our goal is to get him sitting "criss-cross-applesauce" naturally. He is just starting to do it on his own and this position moves his hips into an outward V position (exactly what he needs...and exactly opposite what his hips naturally want to do). I don't think I've posted a picture of his brace yet. This is the apparatus Jack sleeps in each night.....

Oh....and as for the gastointestinal issues? We haven't heard lab results yet.....we sent in more poop for analysis. ( that too much information or what?) Pediatric GI specialist believes Jack may have some fructose malabsorption issues....(body can't tolerate fructose....a.k.a. apple juice, grapes.....all those things he loves and we were giving him freely). So, with limited intake of fructose...I can actually tell you we have celebrated solid poop more than once this past week! Hallelujah!!!